Solveig Eriksson


Solveig Eriksson

As an Associate Lawyer at Dogwood Law Corporation, Solveig continues to build a diverse practice primarily centered  in the following areas;


Family Law          Civil Litigation        Legal Research Services


These include services related to administrative tribunals, judicial reviews and appeals as well as wills and estate planning packages.

Solveig is compassionate, practical and affordable. With a law degree and two master’s degrees in law she is truly a legal expert.


Unbundled Services (Limited Scope Retainers) available *

Eligible for Legal Aid? Referrals accepted.

Part of the Scandinavian Community? I speak your language.

Ph: 778-404-5491

About Solveig:

Born and raised in Sweden, Solveig speaks Swedish fluently and has a diverse background. She holds law degrees from two different legal systems; common law and civil law, giving her a unique multi-faceted perspective on legal issues. She has a background working in the insurance industry. Having moved from Toronto, Solveig has resided in Victoria for the last several years, with her husband and two children.

When not engaged in the practice of law, Solveig enjoys spending time with her family. She enjoys; swimming, reading and travelling.


*Unbundled Services, also known as ‘limited scope retainers’; are legal services to people who view representing themselves in court and being responsible for the majority of the legal work themselves, as a means to reduce the cost of these legal services. Unbundled Services are available and offered on a case-by-case basis.