FASThelp: Parental Alienation Syndrome


Many parents going through hostile divorces or separations often fear they may be the victim of parental alienation. Divorce affects every family differently and sometimes children do get caught in the middle. Children have to learn and adapt to a new family situation where their parents are no longer on the same team and sharing the same family unit. This can be confusing for children and they may push back against the change.

Parental alienation syndrome, however, is much more serious problem and is regarded by many professionals to be a form of child abuse. Parental alienation syndrome is the systematic brainwashing of a child against their other parent, parent’s friends and family.

Symptoms are often shown when a child is antagonistic against one parent, their family and their friends, for no apparent reason. If you believe this is happening in your family, it is critical that you get legal help immediately. In order to diagnose the syndrome, your children and family will likely have to undergo a psychological assessment by a professional that will prepare an expert report for the court.

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