FASTHelp: Must you have a will?

Don’t know if you should have a will or not?

There is no law of general application in force in British Columbia which requires you to
make a Will.

Last Will and TestamentIn the absence of your having a Will to express your wishes after your death, your
possessions (collectively termed your “estate”), will be distributed in accordance with a
legislated scheme set forth in the Wills Estates and Succession Act (WESA) which will vary
depending on the next of kin you have left behind. This scheme may not be agreeable to youeither now or in the future.

A person who dies without having a Will is said to die “intestate”.
Just because there is no legal requirement for anyone to make a Will does not mean
that a given person should not make a Will. On the contrary, making a Will and keeping your
Will up to date, is not only the assurance that your estate will be given to those people to
whom you want it to be given, but it’s also a labour of love on your part to ease the burden
and suffering of the loved ones you have left behind as to what they should do with your

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Make a will and feel secure.

For the most part having a valid and up to date Will goes a VERY long way toward
making a difficult time for your partner and family much, much easier to contend with.
All Wills are not equal however, and our law is a living thing which constantly changes.
Accordingly we do not recommend the use of “stationers Wills”, the prepackaged
one-size-fits-all Will “Form” available for a few dollars from a stationer or from the internet.
(UNLESS, of course, you want to send your estate into years of protracted and expensive
litigation.) The difficulty with a do-it-yourself Will is that you cannot fix any problems created
by it… are no longer here.

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Generally, if you: own a home; have a spouse; children; or are in a second/blended family, then you should make a Will.

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